Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MAC eyeshadow haul + swatches

My package from MAC arrived today and you know what that means!
I ordered 5 neutral purple/burgandy/based eyeshadows and I love them all

I am so excited to use them. I love neutrals + purples so I thought these eyeshadows would be perfect.

I got
Haux - Soft muted rosy brown
Sketch- Burgandy with red shimmer
Trax- Burgundy Plum with shimmer
Embark- Intense reddish brown
Satin Taupe- Taupe with Silver shimmer
For some reason, Haux didn't really show up on my skin ):

Thank you for reading



Delyteful Speaks said...

I'm really into rosy browns.. Too bad Haux didn't show up on ur skin coz it looks like a lovely shade.. I have sketch and Satin taupe.. I find sketch a lil hard to blend.. Satin taupe is lovely.. But honestly, after trying out eye shadows from different brands like inglot, dior, urban decay etc, I really don't think MAC is up there in terms of eye shadow quality..

M Renaaye said...

My favorite MAC eye shadow is "expresso"...I wear it everyday :) keep up the lovely work dear



twoplicates said...

ive been wanting that satin taupe for the longest time!

xo; L&M