Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to: Depot your MAC e/s. Easy!

Wow, I feel really productive! 2 posts in a row?
I think I might be going back to my old hobby of blogging haha 

I am sure there are a BUNCH of How to depot your mac eyeshadow tutorials out there but I decided to share this anyway

It is SUPER easy. It takes less than 5 minutes

Shall we start?

First things first,

You'll need
-A straightener
-A knife
-Your MAC eyeshadow that you want depotted

This is MAC Newly Minted in case you're wondering

Step one:
Preheat straightener and grab your knife and pop out the eyeshadow

Step two:
Place the piece that you just popped out in to your straightener

Wait a minute then put the other piece in to the straightener

Step three:
After 30 seconds, take out the pot (leave the eyeshadow for another minute) then pop out the sticker label

 After, take out the eyeshadow and push it out

 Step four:
Place the sticker label into the eyeshadow
Step five (optional):
Buy a magnet and place under the eyeshadow. I didn't do this step

 Then place it in your eyeshadow case :)

Hold on to the pot. Collect six and go back to MAC to get a free eyeshadow or lipstick ;)

I hope this helped!


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Eleanor said...

Great tips I'll know what to do in the future!