Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Hey dolls. Long time no post! It is my second year of college, I have been SUPER BUSY. I think It's been about legitimately a year since I made a post. I hope to be back soon!

Anyways, the reason for this post is to spread the word about this company called "WR Lens". If you have heard of the contact lenses called "Solotica" you have probably heard about this company.

Everyone knows how natural looking Solotica colored lenses are. I wanted my own pair.

I placed my order on January 2 2014. to this day, I still don't have my lenses yet (3/5/2014)

I have tried to contact the company several times and I even tried to open a dispute on paypal and nothing seems to be working out.

I finally reached them. The lady who responded is named Olivia. She responded with "I can give you a refund on the lenses minus the shipping because we paid for shipping"

Excuse my language but YOU'RE FUCKING KIDDING RIGHT? Isn't it WHY I paid the shipping in the first place? How are you not gonna give me a refund on shipping?

It's been 4 business days and she still hasn't contacted me back. I am just so disgusted. Not only it's been roughly 2 months since I placed my order but she refused to give me a full refund on my order.

I need your guys help. Is there anyway I could try to get my money back or at least get a full refund? These lenses were not cheap either. They were about 99 US dollars per pair and I have paid extra 25 dollars for shipping.

I have never heard of a company like this. I just feel cheated on.

I hope this review somehow helps and it's to warn you readers and give you a heads up.

Thanks for reading