Tuesday, March 12, 2013

25 Facts About Me

Not beauty related but I am kind of going through a rough time right now so I thought this would distract me and it's my blog so I can post whatever I want :)

Miss holly inspired me to do this :)

I love reading "About me's and tags" so if anyone wants to do this please feel free to do it and send me the link below. I would love to read it

Here we go,

1. I am going through what you would call a "heart break" . From a relationship in the past. I am just feeling this great sense of loss and it really blows.

2. I LOVE to work out. Running is my therapy...well one of the things that could help me get over things. That and shopping.

3. The reason why I never smile in my pictures is because I have braces... bet you didn't know that. I'm about to get them off soon. Thank god. You wouldn't have to see my bored/bitchy face anymore

4. MAC is probably my make up brand

5. I'm addicted to instagram

6. Broccoli is my favorite thing to eat and my favorite vegetable

7. I find it strange when people put sugar in their tea. I like mine pure

8. I cannot do math to save my life

9. My baby is my Audi A4.
10. I live in the bay area and I love my city. I think Saratoga is the most calming and peaceful place. I love living here

11. I have 8 body piercings

12. I have a girl crush on Megan Fox

13. Bradley Cooper is my all time favorite male actor

14. Titanic is my all time favorite movie.

15. I freaking love macklemore!

16. Law and Order SVU is my favorite TV show. Sad to say, but I think I have seen most of the episodes already

17. I LOVE cats and wish that I could have one but I'm allergic to them

18. I am not a fan of Taylor Swift

19. MAC Angel lipstick is my favorite lipstick

20. I am really short. 5'2

21. My math professor literally calls me "Kim Kardashian" when I don't see any resemblance to her at all

22. I don't have tattoos and don't want one

23. My favorite color is pink and lavender

24. I love wingstop! and almost always eat wingstop on my cheat days I'd eat it everyday if I could and if it wasn't so healthy

25. I am off to the gym. I have body pump class. and body pump is my favorite class


Chloe said...

I have a total girl crush on Megan Fox as well! You're gorgeous, I hope you feel better about your past relationship soon.
Chloe xx

Angela said...

Totally jealous of your car! I love those facts haha. I really enjoy reading these but don't know if I can ever come up with them.

Would appreciate if you checked out my blog!