Monday, March 4, 2013

Hair History

Throughout the years, I have played with my hair ALOT. I think I have tried every hair colors that I possibly could. (Natural color wise)
I don't know why but for some reason I was just never content with my hair. I changed it every 2-3 months.

My hair is a natural level 3 medium brown. 
I think the first time I dyed my hair and start playing around with bleach was my first year of high school.

This was the first time I changed my hair dramatically. I went from a level 3 medium brown to level 6 golden/caramel blonde . 

 After that, I decided to dye my hair a red velvet red. I had this hair color for literally 2 weeks. It faded so fast and there was no way in hell that I was going to dye my hair red every 2 weeks

 After the red I attempted to go back to my natural hair color. This shade is close to my natural hair color but it's a bit lighter
 I got bored of the brown and decided to add chunky blonde highlights in my hair

I kept adding more and more blonde highlights until...

I went straight full platinum blonde.

I kept the blonde for about a year and a half. I had to bleach my roots every three weeks until my hair could not take bleach anymore. I'm surprised that I still had hair left. My hair was very damaged and porous at this point. My hair would take HOURS to dry due to damage.

I had to dye my hair dark to disguise my falling out hair and nursed it back to health. However, I could not let go of the blonde so I had an ombre hair for awhile.

Present day:

Today, I have jet black dyed hair and I am planning to keep my dark hair for awhile.
I think out of all the hair colors I have had, this is "my" color.
My hair have came a long way to revive from the damage that bleach has caused but it is back to healthy.

I do have to re-dye my hair every 2 months because my natural hair peeps through but I don't really mind. Every 2 months of retouch is better than retouching my roots every 3 weeks.

My hair is so shiny and shiny looking.
I don't know why I haven't thought about dying my hair black before.

I do miss my blonde hair but I am never putting my hair through that ever again. shrugs

Thank you for looking!


SamanthaLusts said...

You have a great blog, I'm a new follower :).
I'm getting my hair died for the first time next week and am so worried about it getting way too damaged!
Great post :)
Samantha xo

Francesca Brooke said...

Hi I followed you back :)
Don't worry boo your hair will be fine

Thanks for the comment

SamanthaLusts said...

Thanks Francesca, I hope so!