Saturday, March 2, 2013

My MAC 15 Eyeshadow palette

Hello, ladies...and gents. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
I saw "Identity Thief" with this guy that I've been seeing for a month last night ;) haha. It was a great movie. I am so fond of Jason Bateman, that's why I decided to see it and it's because the trailer looked hilarious. You should see it when you get the chance.

But anyway, I have finally completed my MAC 15 eyeshadow palette!
That took awhile.

I started collecting MAC eyeshadows in 2010. I started buying them in a pot form but then I think around March 2011 I purchased an empty case palette and bought 4 eyeshadows in a refill pan form and I just started collecting and building my palette

2 years later... I finally completed my first MAC 15 eyeshadow palette!  Yay me
It took me such a long time because I was in love with Urban Decay eyeshadows and I bought most of their palettes.

From left to right 
Row 1 : Gesso, Ricepaper, Nylon, Dazzlelight, Brule
Row 2: Amber Lights, Poison Pen, Soft Brown, Sable, Espresso
Row 3: Contrast, Coppering, Stars and Rockets, Beauty Marked, Carbon

I have more but they are in a quad form or pot form. I am thinking about buying a new palette case and depot all my eyeshadows...but then I really dislike the new MAC palette packaging so I'm debating

Nylon is my favorite highlighter! Can't you tell? haha

Thanks for looking!


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Gabriëlle said...

I don't even have a MAC eyeshadow.. need to get some soon haha!